Pressure Cooker/Instant Pot

Instant Pot recipes (Pressure Cooker recipes) are my go-to-recipes when I am short on time and need a delicious and tasty meal on the table quickly and effortlessly.

Instant Pot recipes are also a life saver when you haven't planned ahead or you realize you forgot to defrost that nice roast, chop or chicken breast the night before! Your pressure cooker comes to the rescue and cooks from fresh or frozen! Take a look at this simple Instant Pot Shredded Chicken recipe cooked with a handful of ingredients. This Mexican style Instant Pot Chicken recipe is full of flavor and one I make very often with frozen chicken breasts.

There are many ways to save time when pressure cooking at home. Cooking beans in the instant potdoesn't require any soaking time, and cooking a big piece of tough meat, like pork shoulder can be done in about an hour. My Instant Pot Carnitas recipe is a great example of how much time you can save with a pressure cooker - and by the way, they make the best tacos ever!

Browse through some of our most popular Instant Pot recipes and see what our followers are raving about! This super tender and delicious Instant Pot Brisket has been a reader favorite for over a year!

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