How to Cook Beets

Glad I found this post. I’ve been roasting beets just in a rack whole and they always seemed dried. Not only I know how to roast them properly but also learned other ways to cook them. Excellent info. Thank you

- Beatriz


How to select beets from the market.

How to prepare beets for cooking.

How to boil, steam and roast  beets.

How to cook beets in the microwave and pressure cooker.

How to prepare beets for cooking

Scrub them well before cooking.


Remove the stems and leaves.


It’s not necessary to peel the beets before. Removing it from cooked beets is so much easier.


Cook the beets according to instructions provided.


To check for doneness, pierce a beet with the tip of a knife, skewer or fork. You should be able to pierce the root easily without much resistance.

Tips from the chef